Jakarta – Puncak

Puncak, a mountain resort area about 100 kilometres south of Jakarta, is a cool retreat offering fresh air and spectacular views. Located in West Java between Bandung and Bogor, Puncak is a popular weekend escape for relaxing in its resorts and campgrounds, hiking through lush jungle, joining an exotic animal safari, and sampling tea from the region’s plantations.

Puncak is a place to slow down, reconnect with nature and rekindle romance — an easy drive yet a world away from the sweltering, hectic streets of Jakarta. Though it can get busy with tourists on weekends and holidays, Puncak remains a relaxing destination with nature and agricultural vistas its primary attractions. Flower and botanical gardens compete with the local fruit and vegetable markets in showcasing the eye-catching colour and variety of the plant life from Puncak and beyond.

Staying in the Puncak tropical highlands, a good range of accommodation is to be found to suit every budget and taste from basic campgrounds to family-run guesthouses to full-service resorts with spas and swimming pools. The road between Bogor and Puncak is lined with shops and hotels trying to attract some of the weekend holidaymakers escaping the heat of the city.

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